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At the 2011 Social Media Summit, the Social Media and the Job Search panel was by far the most informative panel that I attended.  I learned an amazing array of techniques to increase the probability of finding a job in my job search.  Some of the things I learned last year were:

1. The Importance of Linked In – Linked In creates 6x more job opportunities than Facebook.  It is also very important to have recommendations on your page from former managers, bosses, colleagues and clients.

2. Using WordPress (or any blog site) – Blogging about your subject expertise is a free way to enhance your personal brand.  I started last September blogging about Social Media and have had a great experience, with my blog last month going over 500 unique views.

3.  Knowing what is out there about you (Google your name) – Googling your name is something you can do to know what is online about you.  I have a common name and it is important to know what Paul Miller (be it myself or another Paul Miller) is doing.

4.  Using the privacy settings in Facebook so your personal information is not public.  Knowing the privacy settings on Facebook is extremely imperative when searching for a job.  The last thing you want your perspective employer to see is pictures of you partying last weekend.

This all being said, I was extremely excited to attended the Job Search panel this year.  I wanted to see what new advice was available for the Job Search and how things may have changed over the last year.

To start the panel off, the panelists discussed how the job search is now 100% online.  I don’t know if I agree with that totally, but I would agree that the present day landscape is at least 95% online.  The panelists also noted that between 60 – 80% of jobs are found via networking with colleagues, present and former bosses, and recent clients.  Being able to leverage your connections to find a job as well as using your connections as an asset is the easiest way to find a job in today’s economy.

There were two people on the Job Search panel that I found extremely helpful with their information, Amanda Haddaway (@ahaddaway on Twitter) and Rachel Strella (@RachelStrella).  I will go into detail in part 2 of this blog about specific information for each of these two intelligent women, but I want to focus on more general information in Part 1.

The most recurring theme during this panel centered around Personal Branding.  Positioning yourself as a professional with expertise and engaging readers can create a whole community of contacts.  Using relevant information to your field can help you connect with the decision makers that you want to connect with to find work.

Other than blogging, becoming active in your community by volunteering with local non-profit organizations is a free way to enhance your personal brand.  Finding a non-profit organization that you support allows you to not only add more connections to your arsenal, but shows potential employers that you care about your community.  Personally, I am involved with two local non-profit organizations, The Bethesda Mission of Harrisburg and the Autism Society of the Greater Harrisburg area.  I became involved with the Bethesda Mission because it is important to have an outreach program for those who have become down on their luck and allow them to get back on their feet.  The Autism Society hits close to home for me because I have a son that was diagnosed with autism.  The Autism Society of the Greater Harrisburg Area is something that I will be a part of for the rest of my life.  Through these organizations I have received a great deal of connections and recommendations through my volunteer work.  It also gives me an amazing way to give back to the community as well as a way for me to feel good about myself.

I would highly suggest that you begin with Linked In.  LI is the most important thing that you can do to get on the right path to finding a job.  There is so much more to talk about from this panel that I will continue in part 2 of this blog for next Monday, June 11.

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Final Thoughts of 2011

I have been working diligently on researching the QR code blog, so I have decided to give myself another week to complete it.  I did, however, want to discuss and thank a handful of people who made my 2011 possible.  As I would expect to remain active in each of these causes, these are names that will remain familiar on this blog site and should be remembered.

The Harrisburg Autism Society and Logan’s Run and Walk for Autism:

As someone who has an autistic son, I was truly honored to have an opportunity to work with the Harrisburg Autism Society (http://www.autismharrisburg.org).  I volunteered at the event with my significant other and helped to donate taxi-top ads for the walk itself.  The event itself was very well-organized, one that I hope to have a larger part of this coming year.  Georgia Rackley and Sherry Christian were absolute pleasures to work with and should be commended for the Autism Society’s success on our region.  As the event is usually held in April, I’m sure I’ll be discussing this year’s event here very soon.

The Bethesda Mission 2011 Mission Open:

The Bethesda Mission (http://www.bethesdamission.org) has always held a place in my heart as they were my first professional client as I got out of school.  I truly support their mission and what they do for the Harrisburg area.  Director of Community Relations Ken Ross has become much more than a client, however, he has become a friend.  It was my absolute pleasure to serve as a board member for the 2011 Mission Open.  It was my first such experience in my career, and one that I plan on holding each and every year.  Hopefully I will be able to go above and beyond what I did this year as the Mission deserves our support.

Contact Helpline’s 9th Annual Golf Tournament:

I’m so glad that Solutions for Advertising connected with Contact Helpline (http://www.contacthelpline.org) this year for their 9th Annual Golf Tournament.  It was an amazing experience and a wonderful outing.  The best thing about this was getting to learn about their operation.  Cathy Haynes and Kelly Gollick do unbelievable work with an extremely small staff dependent on volunteers.  Their coordination of this organization should be commended.

A special thanks goes out to Cathy Haynes, as she was the person that originally suggested the 2011 Social Media Summit to me.  As readers of this blog know, the Summit was an inspiration to me and my career and I have Cathy to thank for that.  I must also commend Contact Helpline on a wonderful online and social media presence.  Cathy has also agreed to do an interview for this blog regarding their new 211 feature.  This is a major step in the future of Contact Helpline that I feel needs coverage here.

Social Media Summit:

Obviously, the Social Media Summit was an inspiration to me.  I have started this blog and become much more active in my social media career directly because of it.  To new readers, please read my series covering the summit as its’ information is invaluable.  I expect this to be a major part of this blog in the coming months prior and time after the summit in April.  I have already spoke to Steven Infanti and have secured an interview for this blog coming very soon about the 2012 Summit.

Small Business Owners:

I would like to thank a few other individuals for help with my two-part Small Business Saturday blogs; Pete Anderson (Solutions for Advertising), Bart Kaminski (Kollision Media), Cory Lauer (Top Secret Gourmets), and Tim Tatge (Provider Select).  I appreciate the time that you spent speaking with me on behalf of your businesses and I wish you all continued success.

2011 was a fantastic year, but the things that I have lined up for 2012 would seem to make it an even better year than this.  Only time will tell.