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This week marks the end of my second term as a Professor of Communications and English at Central Penn College, but it also marks an amazing opportunity for a great friend and colleague, Daniel Hooven.  Daniel and I met at Slippery Rock University back in 2002 at WRSK 88.1 FM, the campus radio station.  In the time we were there, we co-hosted “The Low Blow Show” as well as getting the opportunity to meet and interview the Legend, Mick Foley.

My journey to my current position has been similar to Daniel’s.  I was fortunate to get an opportunity at WLER 97.3 in Butler.  Everything about it I absolutely loved.  I was fortunate to learn under one of the most influential people in my life, Bob Cupp.  When my internship ended, I had to decide if I wanted to follow my dream of radio broadcasting or pursue higher education.  I decided to give up on my dream and come home to continue school. 

That is a decision that I think about every day of my life, for many reasons.  For one, Graduate School is not cheap.  Ever since graduating in 2009, I’ve (on almost a daily basis) thought about the mountain of debt I incurred.  Since graduating, I interviewed for job after job with no success. 

Many of my faithful readers know what happened next:  social media.  I was fortunate enough to meet Chris Dessi and Rachel Strella and they inspired me to begin a new chapter in my life.  This chapter helped me achieve my new goal, becoming a college professor.  Because of my hard work and perseverance, I am now able to wake up in the morning and be happy with my job, something that I couldn’t say even last year.

Next TNA Social Media Manager?  I say yes!

The Next Impact Wrestling Social Media Manager? I say yes!



Which brings me to my good friend, Daniel Hooven.  He now has an opportunity to interview with Impact Wrestling to be their Social Media Manager, a position that would be another “dream” job for me, but the next step in a future for Mr. Hooven.  I truly wish him the best of luck in the interview process, but keep in mind Daniel, that just because this door may not open, that doesn’t mean all is lost.  To be honest, I don’t see any way that he doesn’t get this job.  He is intelligent about social media and the second screen, knowledgable about wrestling and how to promote it and an amazing speaker.  If they don’t hire you, they may as well bring Hogan back to be their champion.

So Dan, I wish you the best in your interview, but remember the best things come to those who wait.  Is this your time? #HireHim

Paul M. Miller


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My first entry in this two-part interview with BIO’s own Daniel Hooven succeeded in not only being one of my most popular pieces, but helped me to reach my goal of 1000 lifetime views here at paulmmiller.wordpress.com!  I want to thank all of my fans and readers alike for reaching this phenomenal goal.  Next goal?  How about 2000?

Haunted Encounters:  Face to Face is BIO’s newest hit show and is receiving only the best accolades from the paranormal community.  Daniel Hooven is the lead investigator on the Paranormal Syndicate and embraces his challenges every week. Dan is part of a paranormal team known as “The Paranormal Syndicate” made up of Dan (lead investigator), our historian Jordan Murphy, the Paranormal Linebacker/tech manager Helmey Kramer, psychic Chelsea Faust, and the true star of the show, our K9 investigator, Captain.  This week will be the Season 1 Finale.  Let’s spread the word and help Daniel and the Paranormal Syndicate bring huge ratings and get a shot at Season 2!  Daniel was nice enough to do an interview with me for this entry, with the transcript of this interview below:

Paul:  Explain the back story of signing on with Haunted Encounters:  Face to Face.  What was the pitch process like?
Daniel:  We always knew that we wanted to develop a product that could compete with other shows, so my friend Adam and I continued working on our new media series called Resident Undead.  We self-financed and produced all of our episodes without outside help. While a lot of paranormal groups want to be cast for television, we were among the few training from the start and taking the initiative to produce episodes to prepare for any opportunities that came up. In 2010, we were invited to compete on the Travel Channel’s Paranormal Challenge and won the series premiere. It was a cool experience and I am extremely grateful to everybody from the show and casting director Robert Mazza.  We quickly went back to work on our web series after the show, I just knew that I didn’t want to try to live off that one moment forever. In 2011, we pitched our story of a haunted fraternity house to a casting agent for SyFy’s new show School Spirits, and our story was picked up.  It was made into an hour-long episode which was titled Frat House Phantom and was the season one finale. At that point, we added Jordan Murphy on our web series as a co-host due to her passion for the paranormal and her dedication.  It’s hard to find people like us who get it done, no matter what.  At this point, we knew we were done with one-off appearances.
SyFy's School Spirit:  Frat House Phantom

SyFy’s School Spirit: Frat House Phantom

We developed a treatment for Resident Undead, which presented our web series as a “reality program focusing on a team as they recorded history’s voices on the recorder they call Pandora through Ripples in Time”.  This may sound like a mouthful, but it was part of our brand, we pitched the idea of going to haunted locations where we would re-enact key events, but change the ending, which would provoke a response. I created an online treatment site that people could access if sent a treatment and also embedded a QR code on the treatment for mobile access. The pitch process was perfect timing as our friend Helmey and his paranormal K9 Captain had an opportunity with Ping Pong Productions that required a few more people for a show they were developing. Ironically, Ping Pong was one of the companies we had sent out treatment for based on their reputation as a top production company.  Next thing I know, we are on conference calls with everybody and on a plane to LA. Helmey had talked to me before about his idea to gather a select group of individuals in the field who demonstrated a desire to achieve results and think outside the box, this group would become the Paranormal Syndicate.
Paul:  What does being the Lead Investigator of the Paranormal Syndicate entail?
Daniel:  I think that this show has set itself apart with the focus on teamwork and strategy; in most cases the team is split into two to cover the most ground. As lead investigator, my biggest strength is communicating on the ground and coordinating our sequences on location. Prior to each location, the entire team meets and strategizes each area we want to hit and we lay out a plan so that we can go full sequence, at each location.  As Lead Investigator, I always try to make sure everybody is okay and voice any concerns we may have, but at the same time, we all rotate in these roles and operate as a group. This show is about this team known as the Paranormal Syndicate and really shines at demonstrating how different skills and synergy can get amazing results. We don’t care about air time or who does what, all we care about is presenting the best evidence possible.
Paul:  Any other thoughts?
Daniel:  I’m very grateful to be part of this amazing show as it shows hard work pays off. Everybody on the cast has sacrificed so much to get where we are and we appreciate all the support we have received. Very big thank you to Ping Pong Productions and the A&E Family for having so much faith in us and embracing us for who we were. I also think social media is becoming a must have for entertainment business, especially Twitter.   People really need to not only learn how to use social media, but learn WHEN to use it, since it can be a key to success if used right.
We wish Daniel and the Paranormal Syndicate the best of luck in their future endeavours!  Check out some of the links below for all of the information on the Haunted Encounters:  Face to Face, Daniel Hooven and the Paranormal Syndicate:

This blog has become very important to me on many different levels.  Little did I know on September 19, 2011 when I wrote my very first blog (https://paulmmiller.wordpress.com/2011/09/19/my-initial-blog/) that I would continue blogging on a series of social media related topics.  But with this entry I should reach 1000 views on my blog, an achievement I’m very proud of.  I don’t always do this just to do it, I try to promote some of the people around me who have inspired my work in the field of social media.  I would just like to tell all of my readers how much I appreciate your support!

This entry will be a very special two-part entry.  A great friend of mine throughout my college years was a man named Daniel Hooven.  We began our friendship on the Low-Blow Show at 88.1 WRSK Slippery Rock in 2002 and continued with stints in the UUWF until 2007.  In the years that passed, Daniel has made quite a name for himself with a hit Web Series called Resident Undead and with his brand new television show on BIO, Haunted Encounters:  Face to Face.  It was obvious to me that Dan’s future was in front of a camera, and he certainly proved me right.  Don’t miss BIO’s hottest new show Friday nights at 10 pm.  The following is a recent interview that we had:

Paul:  How did you start your paranormal journey?

Dan:  I took the less traveled road into the paranormal.  Most people have a ghost story that acts as their catalyst, but my story starts with a friend who got into the paranormal. He started a web series called Resident Undead and was looking for somebody to help him with social media and creative development to make his product stand out. I didn’t really have an understanding of the product, so I went on a trip to Villisca, Iowa on my first paranormal investigation and have been addicted to the adventure ever since.

Daniel prepared for his next encounter.

Paul:  How does your communications background help you with the show (esp. radio)?

Dan:  My background in communications has been vital in getting where I’m at today, from marketing to brand development, a background in communication is so valuable in the entertainment field. Communications also have prepared me for press coverage, understanding how to craft key messages to fit on the radio, in the newspaper, or on a live interview is very important in the entertainment field. My background in communication has also positioned me to take advantage of social media.  I think our team does very well in social media, with huge twitter campaigns for our series premiere which resulted in responses from individuals like the Offspring, Lords of Acid, and Chris Raab of Jackass. Understanding how to communicate and use social media correctly are all a direct result of my background.

Paul:  Can I have a little background about the show? Specifically what exactly you are trying to accomplish at each location.

Dan:  Haunted Encounters: Face to Face wants to introduce the viewer to something new.  Plenty of shows have had success with a more traditional format or with the whole yelling in a dark basement act. I think the common misconception is that “paranormal investigations” require you to sit in a basement for hours, that’s not true, we believe that we need to stimulate the dead into speaking. Our use of Ripples in Time really brings a different flavor; Ripples in Time is a strategy I developed in which we re-enact key events that happened at our locations to illicit a response. At the Lizzie Borden House, we re-enacted the murder of Andrew Borden, but in our Ripple, Andrew wakes up and kills Lizzie in self-defense, which led to some amazing EVPs that left one of our producers terrified. Helmey’s custom-made recorder known as the Paraline and K9 investigator Captain also present new strategies in the field.  I think this show will at the very least, let people know that its okay to think outside the box.  I mean, how can you really place rules on the unknown?

Each location we want to tell the story, Jordan is our historian and absolutely loves learning the hidden stories at locations. At Eastern State, most people focus on Al Capone’s time there, but Jordan discovered the history of TB, a story that was fresh and was significant in the evolution of ESP to an open community prison. I know at the Black Dahlia house, I wanted to tell the story of journalism’s hand in the murder since this case was tainted due to the media.  Most people forget that there was a young girl named Elizabeth Short who was tortured and murdered, so we wanted to really stress that Short was more than just the face of the Black Dahlia, but a person with a story.

Special thanks to Daniel for participating in this interview.  Look for part two coming soon!

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