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I am proud to be the new Social Media Editor of Henchmen’s Wing Sauces.  I recently began a Facebook Fan Page (http://www.facebook.com/HenchmensSauces) and a Twitter Handle (@HenchmensSauces) to help begin a social media strategy for this emerging company.  Help us spread the word about these new pages and expect the latest news, events and recipes from Henchmen’s Wing Sauces!

At Henchmen’s Sauces, the quality is the most important thing that goes in to each bottle of sauce.  I recently sat down with Blaine and Keith Hench to discuss their new venture, bottling their sauces and getting them out to the public.

– How did you get started with Henchmen’s Wing Sauces?

Henchmen’s Wing Sauces began when we worked at our family restaurant for 26 years, Ye Olde Ale House.  We were one of the first establishments in the Harrisburg area to not only serve wings, but make our own hot sauce (as well as many other sauces) to use on these wings.  It took us quite some time, almost a year, to perfect our signature hot wing sauce.  We then began experimenting with a variety of other sauces, which we look forward to bottling in the future. After our family decided that the restaurant would no longer operate, our first mission was to bottle our famous wing sauce.

 For a brief history of the “Buffalo” Wing, go to this blog piece from Smithsonian.com (http://blogs.smithsonianmag.com/food/2013/02/a-brief-history-of-the-buffalo-chicken-wing/)

 – What awards have you won?

Ye Olde Ale House and Henchmen’s Sauces only entered three different competitions over the years.  Our first competition was the establishment formerly known as Wanda’s.  Not only was in an awesome experience where we got to meet a lot of our fans and new potential customers, we actually won the competition.  That allowed us to travel to the state competition in Altoona at the Altoona Curve’s Stadium.  This was a much different set-up as opposed to what we had already entered.  First of all, it was a 2-week competition.  Week 1 we were able to set-up wherever we could find a spot within the stadium.  This week was amazing for us!  We fared very well, getting a lot of positive feedback from new and old fans alike.  Even the 2-Time Defending Champion actually told us that our wings were better than his were!

From the high we left week 1 with, was the low that we left week 2 with.  In the finals they lined us up in alphabetical order starting at the entrance of the park. Needless to say with a name of Ye Olde Ale House, we were at the end of the line and sat empty for the first 2 hours. After it was over, we had people telling us that we deserved to win and it was not fair the way they had it set up. At the end of the day, we were proud of our product and learned from the experience.

Now that we have our sauce bottled, we are currently looking into new competitions to enter.  We are considering the Scovie Awards, the Fiery Food Challenge and other local and national competitions to enhance our brand.

Keith and Blaine labeling their sauces for distribution.

Keith and Blaine labeling their sauces for distribution.

– Where are your sauces sold?

Right now our sauce is available at John Gross and Company (http://www.gross-ery.com/) in Mechanicsburg and also through Flavor Palooza (http://www.facebook.com/FlavorPAlooza). We are currently trying to get it into Karn’s, Weis and other local retailers.  Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time, effort and energy to get into established retail markets that would help us expand.  Until then, we have to make sure we find every avenue to get our sauce from warehouse to kitchen table.

 – How did you get involved with FlavorPAlooza? How is your experience with them?

We were contacted by Dan through a mutual friend who has done all of our art work. We have only been doing business with Flavor Palooza for a short while but it has been amazing.  To have Dan and FlavorPAlooza reach audiences that we would not typically be able to reach is truly helpful.  But beyond that, Dan represents similar ideologies as Henchmen’s Sauces; a small, local business that focuses on quality and is made in small batches.  We will be sure to announce on our new Facebook page when and where FlavorPAlooza will be so our fans will always be stocked up with Henchmen’s Wing Sauce.

FlavorPAlooza's Business Card designed by KollisionMedia

FlavorPAlooza’s Business Card designed by KollisionMedia

 – How is your sauce better than the average hot sauce?

The one thing that stands out about our sauce is the combination of flavor and heat.  A majority of corporate hot sauces are hot just to be hot and don’t supply flavor to add to the wing.  Henchmen’s Wing Sauce is the perfect combination of flavor and heat.  But beyond that, our sauce is very versatile and can be used on just about anything.  It can also be used as an outstanding base to build many other sauces from.  We actually have a variety of sauces that we are looking to bottle in the future, once our signature sauce takes off like we know it will.

 – What does the future hold for Henchmen Wing Sauce?

We would like to think big and say it will someday be worldwide. This is a sauce that we are very passionate about. When you make something that you know is better than any other sauce out there, everyone anywhere should have a chance to experience the fully flavored hot sauce that we provide.  As we mentioned above, we are seriously looking into local, regional and national competitions to get Henchmen’s Sauces the recognition we deserve.

 – Is there anything else you would like to mention that we haven’t covered?

We are two brothers who have poured their hearts and souls into a product that we believe is the best on the market. When you believe in something that strongly you need to share it with the world!

Keep up with Henchmen’s Wing Sauces at their new Facebook page and Twitter Feed.

Henchmen’s Sauces Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HenchmensSauces

Twitter Feed:  @HenchmensSauces

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I recently became Social Media Editor of Top Secret Gourmets, one of the most decorated Spice and Rub companies in Pennsylvania. Owners Larry Sayre and Cory Lauer were kind enough to do an interview for my blog.  Top Secret Gourmets promised to do a recipe contest when they reached 100 Likes on Facebook and have recently reached that goal.

What are the rules for the contest and what prizes will be awarded?

The contest is simple, send a recipe using any of the Top Secret Gourmet products in your cooking.  We will cook the recipes and determine which ones we like best.  To enter, simply post the recipe to our wall at http://www.facebook.com/TopSecretGourmets and when we receive 20 recipes, we will declare a winner.  1st place will receive 3 bottles of choice, 2nd place will receive 2 bottles and 3rd place will receive 1 bottle.  The only stipulations are that each person may only submit one recipe and you must Like our Facebook page.

You have said about the potential of online ordering at topsecretgourmets.com. How close is this to happening? What issues have arisen during this process?

We got the informational part of the site up about a year ago. We have the storefront almost finished with just a few odds & ends left. As long as there are no last-minute glitches we hope to have it running by the beginning of March.  There are always technical issues that always come up that are out of our hands. We also have to take into account that we must have enough inventory in place to get started. It’s a good problem to have, but we are constantly updating our awards and now have new product to add as well.


Your newest spice Pirate’s Gold  has been out in large bottles for a short time. When will the artwork be done? When will small bottles be available?

Pirate’s Gold is a mustard based spice that we are very excited about adding to our line of award-winning spices.  A lot of the artwork will be done in a few more weeks. Then, there is the process of getting the new artwork  labels designed for the first time. That takes an additional 3 to 4 weeks. We are hoping to have Pirates Gold out in small bottles by the middle of April. We may also have a Pirate’s Gold Mustard in the works down the line.

You have recently partnered with FlavorPALooza (http://www.facebook.com/FlavorPALooza), a small business focusing on selling other small batch spices and condiments. How did this come about? What are the advantages of having him sell your spices?

4) Our partnership with FlavorPALooza is one that came about out of necessity.  While we have an excellent client base currently, Top Secret Gourmets does not have the resources to hire a salesman.  By working with FlavorPALooza, we have someone knowledgeable and respected in the field selling our products where we can’t be. It has the opportunity to  get our product into a new variety of customers’ hands.

What does the future of Top Secret Gourmets hold beyond what we have discussed? What can your fans be looking forward to?

5) The future is simple. We want to concentrate on what we do great, high quality products with a twist. We don’t cut corners and it shows in the end results. You get what you pay for. We want to concentrate on getting our products out to more people, both on the wholesale & retail levels. We don’t want to get away from what has made our name or our products special. We believe all our products are unique in that they don’t taste similar, yet they are similar in that they all hit the taste buds from the different angles. We don’t want to stray away too far from what we do because that’s when you lose focus. We do plan on eventually venturing back into our Secret Sugars and may also try our hand at BBQ Sauces, Mustards, Hot Sauces, & Marinades.  The only way we go this route is if we can do it exactly like our spices, high quality, unique, with a twist.

Top Secret Gourmets has won a tremendous amount of awards, with all 9 of the spices winning at least one award and many of them winning multiple awards.  For more information about these awards:  http://topsecretgourmets.com/awards

I would like to personally thank Larry and Cory for their time regarding this interview.  These two are some of the most creative people in their industry and look to be destined for stardom.  Check out some of the links and give their spices a try!

Official Page:  http://topsecretgourmets.com

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/TopSecretGourmets

Twitter:  http://www.twitter.com/TSGourmets

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2013: What’s Coming Up

It has been a few weeks since I posted a new piece, but this is not for lack of trying.  I have had a series of events happen since my last post of 2012:

– My job at Solutions for Advertising is no more.  The owner of the company decided that he wants to go in a different direction and hence decided to make 2012 his last year in business.  But fear not,

– I was hired as Social Media Manager for KollisionMedia.  My new responsibilities (above and beyond handling my client base) will be to do a blog piece every 4 to 6 weeks at http://kollisionmediablog.com.  These interviews will revolve around our clients and what they have going on at their respective companies.

– I have scheduled interviews for blog pieces with the following people:

Lena Fortini, Special Events Coordinator with Appalachian Brewing Company

Cory Lauer, Owner, Top Secret Gourmets

Dan Trimble, Owner, FlavorPALooza

– I have also considered the notion of office space for my blossoming business venture with http://startuphbg.com/.  While working from home seems to be a great idea at first, it comes with a variety of drawbacks.  I can never truly concentrate on tasks at hand because there are always dishes that need washed, laundry that needs done, and general things around the house.  There is also that problem called DVR.  It certainly takes a highly motivated and disciplined person to be able to work from home and not succumb to distractions.

This all being said, having a shared workspace would allow me to hire someone to help grow my business.  The biggest problem that I currently have is time.  I know that my business venture can and will be successful, but I need the time to not only do the work that I promise my clients, but to market myself to new clients as well.  I feel in 2013 all things will fall into place and allow me to finally be on the path to stardom!

On a personal note, my old email address pmiller@solutionsforadvertising.com is still active, but I can also be reached at pmiller@kollisionmedia.com as well.

Paul M. Miller


Twitter: @SolutionsforAdv

LinkedIn:  http://www.linkedin.com/pub/paul-miller/3b/b5/495